American Campers Save When You Pay With US Dollars

American Campers Save on Camp Fees – It’s Easy to Go to Camp in Canada

American campers are finding Canadian camps to be quite a bargain this year.  And best of all, coming to camp is very easy for most American campers. All you need is a valid passport and adequate medical insurance coverage while in Canada.

Our American campers enjoy a special advantage that our Canadian families don’t. They save substantially when we convert our Canadian dollar camp fees into US dollars.  It wasn’t too long ago that one Canadian dollar was worth more than one American dollar. Now the Canadian dollar has weakened so that it is worth about $0.77 US. So with the strong American dollar, Americans currently save more than 25% off our camp rates. Our Canadian dollar, four-week session rate is $7,200, but at current Canadian/US dollar exchange rates, our four-week rate costs about $5,545 in US dollars.

Last summer we had the most American campers we’ve ever had at Camp.  We welcomed families from across the USA including Kennebecers from Michigan, New York, California, Washington, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia and Florida.

Camp Kennebec is an easy drive from New York, Michigan, Ohio and New England, and there are many direct flights from US and international cities to Ottawa – Canada’s national capital – and a two-hour drive from Camp. Toronto’s Pearson Airport – Canada’s largest airport – is just three hours away. Call us and we will help you with your travel arrangements.

If you’re planning on sending your son or daughter to camp and live outside the USA or UK, please check the Government of Canada website to see your child may require a visa or any other special arrangements to enter Canada.

One thing we know for sure is that children or teens quickly become Kennebecers no matter where they’re from.

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We look forward to welcoming your family to camp this summer!