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Camp Survey News: Parents Rate Camp Kennebec 4.6 Stars Out of a Possible 5

At Camp Kennebec, we always want to be improving.  While our parents, campers and staff regularly provide honest and valuable feedback, this year we sent out our first, formal, camp survey to all parents and guardians.  We asked over 20 questions so we could determine how we were doing at meeting expectations when it came to our overall program, activities, staff, food and many other characteristics.  We also asked several open-ended questions, so that camp survey respondents could give us advice in their own words, about what we should keep, add, change, drop or improve to make camp even better.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the more than 50% of families who responded to our camp survey.  With such a high participation rate, we’re confident that the survey results accurately reflect the opinions of the majority of our Kennebec families.

While we knew that Kennebec parents liked camp and valued the positive impact it had on their Kennebecers, we were honoured and delighted that:

  • Families gave camp 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 stars, when we asked them to “Please rate Camp Kennebec on a 5 star system, with 1 star meaning “not meeting most of your expectations” and 5 stars meaning “exceeding most of your expectations.
  • 100% of new and returning families answered yes to the question “Would you recommend camp to a prospective family”?

Here are a few samples of the answers we received to our open-ended questions:

“How well did your child’s stay at camp meet your expectations  . . .”

Thrilled my son learned the skill of sterning a canoe!!! Thrilled he was able to catch so many fish! Thrilled he experienced success every day. GRATEFUL he is in such a loving, nurturing, positive, accepting, angel like setting every summer! Camp Kennebec is heaven!

I greatly appreciate the high level of experience that Kennebec has with my son. You know him so well. You have great staff. My confidence in your organization is very high and frankly the most critical element in my camp decision. Building a safe, reliable, and capable net of support is very challenging for families of special needs kids – Kennebec has grown to become an invaluable part out our family’s support system. Thank you.

My daughter’s first experience at a sleep over camp was so positive, we would happily recommend this camp to anyone with a child on the Autism spectrum!

Below are several charts from our camp survey:

Camp Kennebec Families Give Kennebec 4.6 Stars Out of 5

Camp Kennebec Families Give Kennebec 4.6 Stars Out of 5

Interestingly, we did see some differences between the answers from first time Kennebecers and returning families, especially when it came to the ordering of the reasons they sent their child to Camp Kennebec.

Why Did You Send Your Child To Camp (All Respondents

Why Did You Send Your Child To Camp? (All Respondents)

Why Did You Send Your Child To Camp Kennebec? (New Families)

Why Did You Send Your Child To Camp Kennebec? (New Families)

Thanks again for your interest in our Camp Survey results.  If you would like more information about the survey results, or would like to learn more about Camp Kennebec, please call (613) 335-2114 or send us an email at

*The aggregate rating of 4.6/5 is based on 94 respondents.