Planning Your Flight to Camp

Camp Travel Plans Information and Advice

Please discuss your camp travel plans and flight schedule with us before you finalize them.  We need to be certain that we have staff available to meet your Kennebecer at the airport.  Ideally, we will schedule several camper airport pick-ups at the same time.

Please pack first day medications separately, and in carry-on luggage.  You should include nut-free and other non-allergenic snacks, plus toys, books, games etc. in your Kennebecer’s carry-on luggage.  Please include a change of clothes and bathing suit, in case there is a baggage delay.

Ottawa & Toronto Airports Are Closest to Camp

The two closest international airports to Camp Kennebec are Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport or Toronto Pearson International Airport.  Ottawa’s airport is less than a 2-hour drive from camp.  Toronto’s airport is about 3 ½ hours away.  We have several families each summer whose camp travel plans include flights to both of these airports.

At a Minimum, All Travellers Requires a Passport or Nexus Card to Enter Canada

Please be aware that everyone who crosses the Canadian border requires a valid passport or Nexus card to gain entry into Canada.  In some cases, non-American visitors may require a visa to gain entry into Canada too.  Travelers may also require an Electronic Travel Authorization  which is an entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals to fly to or transit through Canada.  Please check with the Canada Border Service Agency website for complete documentation requirements, well in advance of your planned entry into Canada.

Travelling with Minors

Please check the Canada Border Services website for updates.  Information on the website notes that Canada Border Services officers carefully screen visitors for missing children.  Border Service officers may ask detailed questions about minors travelling with you.

Canada Border Services recommends parents who share custody, carry copies of their legal custody documents.  If you share custody and the other parent is not travelling with you, or if you are travelling with minors when you are not the parent or legal guardian, carry a Consent Letter, similar to the one suggested by the Canadian government.  A consent letter from a legal guardian or a custodial parent provides your authorization to take minors  on a trip and enter Canada.  The U.S. Customs and Border Protection also has advice about Consent Letters.

A consent letter must include the custodial parents’ or legal guardians’ full names, addresses and telephone numbers. Some travellers choose to have consent letters notarized, to further support their authenticity, especially if they are undertaking a significant trip and want to avoid delays.

Canada’s Travel and Tourism information website at provides additional information about travelling with children.

We will keep your children’s passport and other travel documentation safe, during their stay at camp.