Camp Trips Are Always Summer Highlights

Camp Trips to Bon Echo and Kingston for a Movie & Dinner

Usually during the second week of camp, we rent buses and take the entire camp and staff for a great day at Bon Echo Provincial Park. Campers really enjoy the delicious picnic lunch and have a wonderful time swimming and playing at Bon Echo’s unique clay beach!

During our fourth week, we take our entire camp into Kingston, Ontario for a special treat of dinner and a movie.

In our sixth week of camp, we bring a carnival to camp. Kids love the bouncy castles, dunk tanks, snow-cone machines and many other carnival attractions!

We offer at least two out of camp trips during the summer, plus hikes, canoe trips and overnights.

In addition to our flexible, individualized, daily schedule, where campers get to choose the activities they will experience that day, Kennebecers love our camp-wide evening programs:

  • Thursday night talent shows are always a hit. We’re always amazed and delighted by how talented our campers are, and proud of how much courage Kennebecers can muster to perform on stage.
  • Friday nights are dance/dress-up nights, each with a unique theme like pirates, prom and western/country.
  • Saturday is our indoor, drive-in movie night where we project a movie on a giant screen in the rec hall & campers bring their sleeping bags, pillows, teddy bears and treats.
  • Sunday night is reserved for a traditional campfire, where we sing classic campfire songs, tell silly jokes and dance. It’s amazing to watch how excited campers get when they find the courage to choose and lead the campfire songs and dances. Campfire is another one of those special Kennebec nights and traditions that brings a huge smile to all of our staff’s faces.
  • Monday to Wednesday night activities range from single cabin to camp-wide programs. While we always rotate and add new night activities into the mix, some of the mandatory, all-time favourites include:
    • Kennebec Cake Boss – where campers decorate and frost a cake, earning the right to extra sprinkles and cake decorations by singing, dancing, or achieving some other Kennebec feat – then they get to eat it.
    • Counsellor Makeovers – where our campers dress and apply make-up to our very good-natured counsellors so they are transformed into whatever the cabin wants and thinks is hilarious.
    • Kitchen Raids – Campers love these “spontaneous raids” on the kitchen. Isn’t it an odd coincidence that on the night of the raid, the chef has left everything on the kitchen counters that our Kennebecers need to make a great ice cream sundae?