Visitor Day Flexibility

Choose your own Visitor Day if your camper stays at least 4 weeks.

After a successful trial over the last couple of years, we’re permanently adopting a flexible visitor day approach for our 4 – 8 week campers.  So if your Kennebecer is staying for 4 weeks or longer, check your calendar and choose your own day to visit.  Then call or email camp and let us know when you’d like to visit your Kennebecer.

That way we will know when to expect you.

Here’s Why We Made the Change:

About half our campers stay for a 4 – 8 week stay, so having a “formal” visitor day, midway through the camp season, means that half the camp has no one visiting them.  We can’t run our regular programming on a camp-wide Visitor Day, because our staff need to be available to speak with visitors.  So campers who are at camp for a week or two, end up missing a full day of specialties and activities, on top of having no one coming up to see them.

Now when you come up for a visit, you choose how you to spend your time.  Do you want to watch your Kennebecers participate in their favourite activities? Take them out for lunch or on an adventure out of camp?  It’s totally up to you.  And with less traffic on the camp road – it’s much easier to get in and out of camp on your own schedule.

Visitor Day is Only For Kennebecers Who Stay 4 Weeks or Longer.

We do not recommend that you visit camp if your Kennebecer’s stay is less than four weeks. While campers are delighted to spend time with visitors at camp, goodbyes are difficult.  There are usually three tough periods for campers – the first day or two of camp, visitor day and the last day or two of camp.  Your Kennebecer will thank you (and so will we) if you can help us all avoid a challenging transition period.

Flexible Camp Kennebec Visitor Day

Flexible Visitors Day – Choose a Date That Works for You

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